Kymdan is a famous trading system with the most impressive accessories and accessories, with outstanding colors, designs and youthfulness which fit the day. With Kymdan products, customers can freely choose for themselves, so designing a Kydan showroom is extremely important to attract customers to buy and help customers have a great experience at the Showroom at the same time.

A Dong is honored to be trusted by the investor and selected as the showroom design partner for Kymdan store in Can Tho: 

Design standards for Kymdan store in Can Tho: 

  • Kymdan store is also a business model, so it needs special attention to be successful. An operating store initially needs to attract the attention of customers and passersby, so special attention is required in a special manner to the construction front.
  • The showroom design style should be towards a modern and luxurious style.
  • The products displayed are both eye-catching, easy to choose, and especially, must ensure the attractiveness for customers when they first see the products.
  • Use shop materials that reflect light well to save costs and create a brighter product effect.
  • Using sophisticated interior decoration products, rationally with the product decoration space.
  • Designing aisle between the counters and airy display shelves to help customers find products more easily.

A Dong designed and built Kymdan Can Tho store

In cooperation with Kymdan, A Dong has made continuous efforts to develop and is recognized for its continuous cooperation with a large number of designs and construction of Kymdan store chains in provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Understanding the needs of customers, A Dong has experience in designing stores, shops, showrooms with famous brands such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh, An Khang Pharmacy, FPT Shop, Long Pharmacy Chau, … with these experiences, we are confident in cooperating with Kymdan:

  • Deployment set reasonable department so that the staff can easily observe all directions of KymDan Can Tho store
  • The showroom has a simple and polite design with sturdy display cabinets close to the wall.
  • Designing a unique, luxurious, classy space in every detail, every corner decorated, eye-catching, looking from the outside will identify the most outstanding products and products.
  • A Dong always aims to the shopping experience of customers when entering Kymdan Can Tho, customers will find satisfaction from product quality to care.
  • Meet the function and safety, decorate the niche as well as easily advise customers when needed.

A Dong’s commitment for designing and constructing stores, showrooms, and shops:

Customers who choose A Dong’s design and construction services will receive many attractive incentives, in addition, you will experience the professional working process with the consulting team and Experienced architects:

  • Clear working process from survey, design, manufacture, construction and installation.
  • Furniture, shelves are processed directly at A Dong factory with an area of ​​more than 20,000 m2 located in Dong Nai.
  • A team of skilled workers, with good skills, shortens working time, progress, accelerates production to meet progress requirements for customers.
  • A Dong always focuses on product quality, commits on schedule and on quality.
  • Execute construction as the design drawing shows.
  • Using high quality materials.
  • Long-term project warranty (Depending on the project scale).

With A Dong’s experience gained in the furniture industry, we are confident that we have been, and will be meeting all the needs of customers, even the most demanding customers. If you have a need for designing and constructing shops, showrooms or package stores, please contact A Dong at the address below:

Address: 112/9 Pho Quang Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC – VN


Hotline: 091.999.7403