Located in a high-class, luxurious space, equipped with a series of modern facilities, KymDan’s new store cooperates with Asia Dong when implementing the design and construction of the KymDan Gigamall store to bring consumers a high-end space. , serving the diverse shopping needs of the people of Thu Duc city.

With the orientation of becoming a high-end store system, Kimdan aims to target customers with high income, knowledge, and quality to directly serve the needs of daily life. It is one of the few natural latex mattress brands that meet the rigorous standards of the quality control department here.

As a reliable partner in the design and construction of KymDan Gigamall, A Dong has complied with the customer segment that KymDan aims to create a luxurious, beautiful, high-class space, helping customers. Have a great shopping experience when entering the store at the Gigamall mall.

A Dong is a prestigious showroom interior design and construction studio in Vietnam

The Kymdan store chain is constructed aiming to promote the brand, introduce products, and sell products and services. Besides,  the appearance of the stores also shows Kimdan’s professionalism, strength, and scale. That is why it’s essential to construct a beautiful, impressive,  suitable for corporate brand identity chain stores.

We understand Kymdan’s desire for the most beautiful interior designs of KymDan stores ensured aesthetics that can attract customers to buy effectively,  display business as well as products and services, and expressed distinction at the same time. 

To have a beautiful showroom or store requires careful research of the space, layout, and arrangement to ensure aesthetics. Among them,  it’s most important for customers to easily find and conveniently manage which is decided by the light solution, or ways of dividing space in a logical way.  Kymdan Gigamall has brought a beautiful and creative space, the architects have calculated to display sufficient quantity but still beautiful, this is not always understood and experienced by all designs processing.  Therefore, customers will always trust when they come to buy products here.

With a factory of more than 20,000 square meters and a team of architects, skilled workers, and years of experience in the field of interior design and construction.  A Dong offers consults and designs store services which are most suitable for our customer investment. 

Why choose the design service of Kymdan Gigamall store of Asia Dong?

  • With more than 15 years of experience in furniture for individual customers, companies, and big brands such as: The Gioi Di Dong, Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh, FPT Shop,…. We are always confident when implementing projects, which is also the most convincing reason for customers to choose A Dong as their partner.
  • With extensive experience, A Dong has a thorough understanding of each construction process, from creative space design, technical drawings, construction to specialized stages such as exams. raw parts, lighting equipment, shelves installation, … are consulted with the optimal solution by our team..
  • A Dong together with a team of experienced designers, architects, and construction technicians.
  • Professional, flexible design and construction process meeting each customer’s requirements.
  •  We always choose reasonable solutions to optimize investment costs for customers.

 With the advantage and strength of the furniture company, the design and construction of showrooms, shops, and shops in Ho Chi Minh City and across the country, and having been trusted by many big brands to cooperate with large and small projects, chain stores. stores, supermarket chains,… you can find our customers’ presence everywhere.

Let A Dong elevate your brand image through impressive and professional design and construction solutions for showrooms, shops, such as Kymdan Gigamall store.

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