As a partner of Kymdan to design and construct a chain of Kymdan stores in areas including KymDan Aeon Mall, A Dong is always confident to bring a beautiful and luxurious space to display products. This towards a great experience for customers every time they step into the store to shop. 

A Dong designed and constructed showroom Kymdan Aeon Mall

With the message of environmental protection, the KymDan Aeon Mall showroom uses gentle green tones as the main color, from the brand’s red color to the entire space inside an area of ​​136m2, designed in an open space, visitors will be attracted by the design as a house located in the middle of the green forest close to nature.

Besides displaying Kymdan products, the store also focuses on customer experience. Luxurious and modern space, every detail from light, color, sound, decoration, layout, … are carefully cared for by A Dong to create a cozy feeling like a home.

All from the living room, bedroom, … are on standard display with outstanding products, not simply a sales place. Entering the store, customers will feel totally different from the outside sounds and noise to get themselves into, fully focused on their experience at Kymdan Aeon Mall.

With the goal of targeting high-end customers with good income, understanding and pay attention to green consumption quality, A Dong understands the needs and customer segments to create an amazing and unique experience space.

 A Dong is a professional interior design unit with more than 15 years of operation with experience in designing and construction for major brands such as: The Gioi Di Dong, Dien May Xanh, Bach Hoa Xanh, FPT shop, Agribank, Home An Khang Medicine, Long Chau Pharmacy, … We are confident in the design and construction of shops, chains, showrooms on schedule and quality.

With commitment:

  • We are always very strict in the selection of interior construction materials, committed to quality and aesthetics for all products. 
  • With the advantage of a 20,000m2 factory located in Dong Nai, along with a system of advanced technical machinery, quality and progress are always ensured.
  • A team of qualified and skilled architects and craftsmen who are highly trained, experienced, workers always have meticulous attention to each product so that it is perfect and standard with your design at the first time. which makes customers satisfied 
  • The process is clear, professional, transparent, committed to hand over the project according to the agreed schedule, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and keeping trustworthy.

With its own capacity, creativity and dedication, A Dong has received a lot of attention and choices from customers. Being one of the leading showroom design and construction units today, we are constantly researching to bring the best solutions for each house.

If you have a need to design and construct shops, chain of shops, stores, showrooms, … please contact A Dong at the address below for advice:

Address: 112/9 Pho Quang Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC – VN


Hotline: 091.999.7403