One of the factors that greatly affects the business advantage of mattress care is the way the showroom is designed. Basing on that, Kymdan has cooperated with Asia Dong to create beautiful and luxurious spaces, including the Ben Tre Kymdan store.

For items of bedding, it will not be constrained by the individuality of the product, but in general, it can create a cohesive collection for the items in the bedroom. In order to do that, with long experience in the field of interior design, A Dong is confident to create spaces, works according to the requirements of customers.

Design standards for construction of Ben Tre Kymdan store

  • Displayed products are placed at eye-level, easy to choose for buyers and ensure an impressive appeal when buyers first enter the store.
  • Using a material that reflects good light helps to save costs when using the light.
  • The shelves are arranged systematically, with high aesthetics.
  • The aisle design between the shelves and display stalls should be airy and make the most of the store’s space without missing out.
  • The facade should be attractive, easy to recognize from a distance.
  • The lighting design makes Kymdan products outstanding.

Why should you choose A Dong?

  • Save costs for interior construction, help you control investment costs.
  • Save time, reduce opening time as well as save space costs.
  • Bring a beautiful, attractive showroom space, great experience for customers when shopping at KymDan Ben Tre.
  • Design showroom interior space in the style of the business brand.
  • Bringing a new feature, showing its own style of interior image, outstrip all competitors.

A Dong specializes in the design and construction of prestigious shops, showrooms and package stores.

With many years of experience in the furniture market, A Dong is confident to bring  customers beautiful, luxurious products on schedule and commit: 

  • Years of experience in designing and constructing shops, stores, supermarkets, … for big brands such as The Gioi Di Dong, Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh, FPT Shop, … We will definitely not only guarantee quality but also on schedule commitment.
  • The factory is over 20,000 square meters wide, with modern technical machinery to meet the quality of goods, as well as the committed work schedule.
  • Good staff, architects are updated design trends, technicians, skilled workers are always ready to help you beautify your business shop space.
  • Long warranty period.

If you are in need of design and construction of shops, chains, shops, showrooms, … please contact A Dong at the address below to meet the consulting and quotation needs:

Address: 112/9 Pho Quang Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC – VN


Hotline: 091.999.7403